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Advantage Club is a global employee engagement platform. We provide end to end employee benefit management with state of the art products like: - Employee perks: Get exclusive offers across 10,000+ brands and increase your employees' effective earnings - Rewards and recognition: Digitize your awarding experience with tools like digital rewarding, peer to peer appreciation, polls/quizzes/surveys, social wall, peer to peer wishes and much more! Get complete visibility of usage via our thorough admin dashboards. - Hobby Clubs: Create communities of like-minded employees with social sharing. Create events, send reminders, run contests and much more. - Digital engagement: Through Advantage Club's extensive network of partners, simplify engagement activities, both online and in cafeterias. Need to run fun Thursdays or fun Fridays? We got you covered. If you are looking for an end to end employee engagement platform or if you are a brand looking to increase visibility among premium corpor...
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355 Bryant St, San Francisco, California 94107, US

Advantage Club Management & Employee Directory

Smiti Bhatt Deorah
Smiti Bhatt Deorah
Co- Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Advantage Club (YC S21)
Sourabh Deorah
Sourabh Deorah
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Advantage Club. Hiring rockstars in Product, Engineering, UI/UX & Partnerships (India, SE-Asia & Dubai) |…
Viplesh Yadav
Viplesh Yadav
Advantage Club | HBX CORe | Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations
Vishesh Abrol
Vishesh Abrol
Associate Vice President - Alliances at Advantage Club (formerly, Work Advantage)

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