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Acrecity Medics Limited (“Acrecity”, “AM”), was established following the identification of a health care deficit by its founding partners and the need to bridge the widening gap by providing bespoke, best-in-class, value for money health care services to the growing middle class in Africa. Our work is driven by the idea that healthcare delivery in Africa should be fundamental,options based, dynamic and complete. We believe that our approach should cut across all specialties and based on the alternatives provided, yield positive outcomes. It is this philosophy that drives our business. Our exceptional practice areas include: General Practitioners At AM, we believe that the best primary healthcare practices form the basis for excellent overall health and progressive outcomes for our clients. Our friendly and knowledgeable General Practitioners are available to listen to you, investigate and appropriately manage any existing and predictable medical problems our patients may have. Our GP clinic provides; general medical examinations, pre-employment medical assessment, diagnosis/ treatment of ailments, assessment and referral to appropriate specialties. Specialties Acrecity Medics is an all-encompassing clinic, incorporating a meticulous process of providing options to our patients according to their special needs. Our specialist clinics are available by appointment, catering to the following specialties: Paediatrics Obstetrics & Gynaecology Internal Medicine Clinical Psychology Dermatology Dietetics Others include; Home Care, Medical Tourism, Diagnostics, Immunization, Medical Examination (Pre-employment examination)

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