ContractRecruiter Bolts Ahead of Competition with ContactOut.

ContactOut has allowed us to stay ahead of the competition and deliver outstanding candidates to our clients.
Andrew Greenberg
Founder of ContractRecruiter


ContractRecruiter is a unique talent acquisition company consisting of 15 contract recruiters and sourcers who go above and beyond to deliver excellent candidates to their clients. They offer flexible, on-demand recruiting and sourcing solutions to companies ranging from Champion and Custom Ink to Aflac, DHL, and H&R Block.


  • Other sourcing platforms becoming too costly
  • Very small pool of contact information provided through competitors
  • Finding a tool that every recruiter can be onboard with
  • Partnering with ContactOut to find a solution while eliminating the need for competitors
  • Access to ContactOut’s 1.1 billion emails and 50 million phone numbers
  • ContactOut’s user friendly and rapid working Chrome extension
  • Through two licenses, increased success rate by more than 50%
  • Gaining the contact information for industry’s leading talent through the use of one tool
  • Having a sourcing tool that recruiters prefer over the competitors


We sat down with Andrew Greenberg, founder of ContractRecruiter, to hear his experience with sourcing software and why he thinks he found a home run with ContactOut. Andrew and his team had been using LinkedIn Recruiter prior to switching to ContactOut.

One of the biggest challenges he and his team faced with LinkedIn Recruiter was that it was continuously going up in cost with little return on investment as the information pool was very disjointed. Andrew started with a trial of the ContactOut software and instantly knew he had found the perfect tool for him and his team.

Without ContactOut, we would have a lot less candidates to submit and we would end up losing the trust of our clients.
Andrew Greenberg
Founder of ContractRecruiter


Andrew has gone on to purchase two licenses for his researchers to use for sourcing. They have had increased success going from the competing software’s 30%-60% success rate to 80% with the use of ContactOut. Their researchers now have complete access to ContactOut’s 1.1 billion emails and 50 million phone numbers, which in the recruiting world is a goldmine. In addition to that, ContactOut’s Chrome extension is incredibly easy to use and the accuracy is unmatched.
success rate with the use of ContactOut
billion emails
million phone numbers
There’s no other tool that even comes remotely close to being able to provide the amount of contact information that ContactOut does.
Andrew Greenberg
Founder of ContractRecruiter
I can definitely get by with just using ContactOut for contact information. It’s just that much better than everything else.
Andrew Greenberg
Founder of ContractRecruiter


Andrew’s team at ContractRecruiter is now leading in their industry and providing top talent to their high-profile clientele. They have increased their success rate by 50% through ContactOut’s goldmine of contact information and its accuracy. ContractRecruiter has been able to let go of some of their other sourcing software due to their success with ContactOut. The ultimate win comes from Andrew’s team of recruiters who say they prefer ContactOut over everything else on the market.

We are sticking with it. It’s a game changer and it is working for us.
Andrew Greenberg
Founder of ContractRecruiter
I asked my team if they want to go back to LinkedIn Recruiter and they said no. Even the old-school members of my team shocked me and said no. They truly prefer using ContactOut.
Andrew Greenberg
Founder of ContractRecruiter

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