Giving Candidate Feedback in 2023

Candidate feedback is more than just a formality in the recruitment process. It’s a crucial component that can significantly influence a candidate’s perception of your organization. Providing constructive feedback can not only help candidates improve but also boost your company’s employer brand. Let’s dive into the importance of candidate feedback, best practices, and potential email templates!

Why is Candidate Feedback Important?

  • Providing feedback signifies mutual respect between the employer and the candidate. It shows that you value their time and effort.
  • Constructive feedback can lead to a positive candidate experience, which can influence their decision to reapply in the future or even recommend your company to others.
  • When candidates receive valuable feedback, they’re more likely to reapply for future positions.
  • Giving feedback doesn’t cost anything but can have significant returns in terms of employer branding and candidate loyalty.

Best Practices for Providing Candidate Feedback

  1. Don’t make candidates wait too long for feedback. The sooner you provide it, the more relevant and valuable it will be.
  2. Ensure that there’s a consistent method in place for providing feedback to all candidates.
  3. Whenever possible, pick up the phone and provide feedback. It adds a personal touch and shows candidates that you genuinely care.
  4. Be careful of your tone, especially when providing negative feedback. Ensure it’s constructive and not demoralizing.

Email Templates for Different Feedback Scenarios

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